I.M.D. Publicación is a documentation and publishing service provider based in Porlamar, Venezuela. Besides classical documentation, translation, and publication services, I.M.D. Publicación offers these major products and services:

Mobile Applications

I.M.D. Publicación C.A. develops a wide range of mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, mostly field guide and nature apps about the flora and fauna of various continents and geographical regions.

Apart from these field guides, many dictionary apps and solution apps for mathematical problems as well as learning apps for high school exams are part of our portfolio.

For a complete list of applications click on the icons in the page header to open the corresponding developer pages in the appropriate app store.


In close cooperation with high-ranking scientists of the University of Kiel in Germany, I.M.D. Publicación provides an extensive range of services using the latest technology equipment:


Idea, Concept, Project Management:

Peter Andersson, I.M.D. Publicación C.A.

Programming and Technical Support:

Le Tung Chinh, Hoa Hung, Vietnam


I.M.D. Publicación C.A.

Avenida Santiago Mariño

Edificio Margarita Plaza 6-5

Porlamar, Nueva Esparta, Venezuela